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1. My mailbox was knocked down by the snow plows. What do I do?
2. I live on a county road. Who do I contact to have a swing arm mailbox installed?
3. Who do I contact about a dead deer or other animal on a county road?
4. Where do I get a County map?
5. What is the Right of Way ordinance?
6. I am having problems with the water/other utilities in my home/business.
7. Who do I contact to install a new driveway on a county road?
8. How do I find out what the right of way (ROW) is on a county road?
9. Can I put a garage sale, political or informational sign on a county road?
10. How do I report a pothole on a county road?
11. What is the number to Minnesota Department of Transportation, (MnDOT)?
12. How do find information about road construction in my area?
13. How do I find out the bid results on a project?
14. I have dead trees/shrubs in front of my home located in county right of way. Will the county remove them?
15. I am interested in adopting a highway. Who do I contact?
16. When are county ditches mowed?
17. When does the county spray for noxious weeds?
18. How do I obtain DO NOT SPRAY signs? Is there a form for me to fill out?
19. How do I obtain a Right of Way, Transportation, Access or Obstruction Permit?