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Child Care Orientation Quiz

  1. 1. How often does best practice recommend that a provider check on a newly enrolled, sleeping infant?*
  2. 2. Your policies may be in any preferred format but they must include all required details.*
  3. 3. Safe sleep for infants in child care allows for what object to be in a crib with an infant?*
  4. 4. You must maintain all required forms and records for all enrolled children in your program and make them available for your licensor's review at any type of visit.*
  5. 5. What is the maximum temperature of water in sinks and tubs accessible to children?*
  6. 6. Which pets are allowed in the home of a family child care?*

    Check all that apply.

  7. 7. Each family child care provider must have a written emergency preparedness plan for emergencies that require evacuation, shelter, or other protection of children.*
  8. 8. How often must fire and storm drills be completed and documented for a licensed family child care provider?*
  9. 9. Your own children, younger than 11, do not count towards your capacity.*
  10. 10. A substitute in a family child care home is limited to a cumulative total of not more than how many hours annually?*
  11. 11. Your licensor may inspect all areas of your home/property, whether used for child care or not.*
  12. 12. Which requirements must a substitute fulfill prior to providing care?*
  13. 13. My licensing worker is here to help me. I should contact them for assistance with the requirements of a substitute caregiver before allowing the substitute to provide care.*
  14. 14. Supervision means a caregiver being within sight or hearing of any infant, toddler, or preschooler at all times so the caregiver is capable of intervening to protect the health and safety of the child.*
  15. 15. The minimum equipment needed for an infant is a crib, portable crib, or playpen.*
  16. 16. Where should you send your license application form?*
  17. 17. A background study must be completed prior to an individual residing in your home.*
  18. 18. If you do not demonstrate compliance with all applicable licensing rules and statutes during your annual visit, which of the following actions may be taken by your licensor?*
  19. 19. What are the things that licensors monitor in licensed family child care?*
  20. 20. You will need to take 18 hours of training every year.*
  21. 21. If you are planning on having five child care children and two of your own children, how much usable indoor space is required to get licensed?*
  22. 22. A newborn is birth to 8 weeks old.*
  23. 23. What items are required to have in your home to become licensed?*
  24. 24. You need to take CPR and Pediatric First Aid every two years.*
  25. 25. What possible items would need to be inspected prior to licensing?*
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