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Adult Foster Care Orientation Quiz

  1. (Foster ___________________)

  2. (List all three parts)

  3. 8. You must complete an internal review before making a vulnerable adult maltreatment report.*
  4. 9. Caregivers can provide direct contact before they have a background study submitted.*
  5. 10. Caregivers have to have training on the vulnerable adult act and other plans and policies within 72 days of first providing direct contact services.*
  6. (List two answers)

  7. 19. You can move to another house/apartment and not have to notify the licensor as long as the new place is in Washington County.*
  8. (Name at least four)

  9. (i.e. Insulin)

  10. 35. What do the following acronyms stand for?
  11. (Name at least four)

  12. 43. You have to have a professional check the fire extinguisher annually?*
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