After I apply, what else must I do?
Taking an active role in your case and cooperating with our office makes establishing a court order more efficient and makes collecting regular support payments more likely. Any changes that may affect your case must be reported to our office. Contact your child support worker if:
  • You or the other parent moves
  • You or the other parent gets a new phone number
  • You or the other parents gets a new job.
  • Your child moves or graduates from high school
  • Your child no longer receives child care
  • You have new information that may help locate the other parent
  • You apply for public assistance
  • You are involved in other court actions regarding child support payments

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1. Who can receive child support?
2. What services are not available?
3. Who can use child support services?
4. After I apply, what else must I do?
5. If I apply for child support services, do I have any rights?
6. What is Contempt of Court?
7. What are the criteria for an obligor to be found in contempt?
8. How does contempt start?
9. What happens once the obligor is personally served?
10. Once the obligor is found to be in contempt, will payments start?
11. Will a contempt action automatically reinstate an obligor's driver's license?
12. The obligor did not show up at the contempt hearing, what happens now?
13. Can obligees bring obligors in for contempt themselves?
14. Why wouldn't contempt be used?