Public Works


11660 Myeron Road N.
Stillwater, MN 55082


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Theisen, P.E., Donald J. Director of Public Works 651-430-4304  
Sandberg, P.E., Wayne H. Deputy Director / County Engineer 651-430-4339  
Bangma, Gerritt Construction Engineer 651-430-4317  
Brandt, Allan Project Engineer 651-430-4348  
Ticknor, Frank Design Engineer 651-430-4319  
Abbott, Morgan Project Manager 651-430-4359  
Giesen, Andrew Project Manager 651-430-4336  
Gustafson, Joe Traffic Engineer 651-430-4351  
Leadholm, Mindy Right of Way Specialist 651-430-4361  
Leitner, Lyssa Planning Director 651-430-4316  
Peterson, Kevin Project Manager 651-430-4330  
Price, Sharon Right of Way Specialist 651-430-4391  
Rogers, Eden Project Manager 651-430-4352  
Solseth, Jennifer Construction Contact 612-346-6238  
Slagle, Cory Assistant County Engineer   651-430-4337  
Bartelt, Mitch Assistant Traffic Engineer 651-430-4349  
Jorgensen, Emily Project Manager 651-430-4338  
Oehler, Jennifer Office Specialist 651-430-4313  


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Breuer , Sandy Parks Director 651-430-4371  
Schaefer, Connor Planner 651-430-4303  
MacSwain, Dan Natural Resource Coordinator 651-430-4323