Potential Provider Information

Potential Child Care Providers

If you are a Washington County resident and interested in becoming a licensed family child care provider in Washington County, the first step is to attend an orientation meeting.

Choose one of the scheduled Orientation Meetings below to attend.

  1. Benefits

Benefits of Becoming a Licensed Provider

  • Eligibility for the U.S.D.A. Child Care Food Program.
  • Referrals from the local resource and referral agency.
  • Technical assistance from regulatory staff.
  • Tax deductions for business use of home.
  • Access to professional child care associations. This benefit can improve a provider's self-image and allows for networking with other providers in their area.
  • Participation in financial and/or resource equipment incentive programs. Various agencies offer grants and loans to providers at various times. We will notify providers when these opportunities are available.
  • Access to other community resources such as training opportunities.
  • Ability to earn an income at home, being at home with your own children, and being your own boss.
  • Regulated providers usually make more money than unregulated providers.
  • Greater likelihood of obtaining liability insurance.
  • Another less tangible benefit is the perception that regulated care is of a higher quality than unregulated care.
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  1. Legally Unlicensed Child Care
  1. Licensing Process
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