Adoption Services

Minnesota Adoption Services

Washington County Social Services provides adoption services to children in the Minnesota Waiting Children's Program and the families who seek to adopt them. Children who are available for adoption come from throughout the State of Minnesota, and almost all of them have been removed from their biological families due to abuse or neglect. Most of these children are school-aged, some have physical, mental, or emotional disabilities, some are brothers and sisters who want to stay together, and many are children of color.

Special Needs Children

There is not a fee for adoption services for special needs children, and there are funds available both before and after adoption to help families who will adopt them.

The adoption social worker may be contacted by calling 651-430-6501. There are also private agencies that provide similar services to adoptive families.

Waiting Children

The Minnesota Waiting Children's Book provides information about specific children who are legally free for adoption and the adoption process in general. A list of private adoption agencies that work with this program is also in this book.

Please call 612-861-7115 to obtain a copy or find this information online at MN ADOPT.

Seeking Information about Your Adoption

Washington County provides post-adoptive services to adopted adults or birth parents who are seeking information about their adoption or adoptive placement.

To begin a search a person should make a written request to:

Department of Human Services Adoption Unit
444 Lafayette Road
St. Paul, MN 55155

Please include your current name and address, birth name, birth date, names of adoptive parents (if known), and any other information you have. The letter will be forwarded to the child placing agency for services.