Manufactured Home Parks / Campgrounds / Youth Camps

Licensing and Inspections

The Department of Public Health and Environment licenses and inspects manufactured home parks (MHP), recreational camping areas (RCA), and Youth Camps. The regulations are outlined in the Washington County Manufactured Home Park, Recreational Camping Area, and Youth Camp Ordinance, state MHP and RCA rules, and state youth camp rules.

Apply for a License

  • Print and complete the license application.
  • Submit the application and applicable license fee.
  • If the license application is related to the purchase of an existing licensed property, a completed application and fee must be submitted to the department prior to transfer of ownership.
  • If the license application is for a new facility, plans must be submitted to the department and other applicable agencies for review and approval prior to obtaining a license.

Report a Concern

To report a concern or complaint about a manufactured home park, campground or youth camp, go to Report a Concern and submit the information. Your report will go directly to the department for follow-up.