Parcel Search

A Parcel Search or Surrounding Property Owners List identifies all property owners within a specified distance of a particular parcel.
A Surrounding Property Owners List is a common requirement for zoning permits, variances, conditional use permits and subdivision approval. An Owners List is compiled upon request from citizens, cities, townships, private companies, developers, surveyors, and other county departments.

Surrounding Property Owners' List*

Product Type Fee
Flat rate for up to 25 parcels per search: $50
Additional parcels after first 25 per parcel: $0.50
Mailing labels (30 labels per sheet) per sheet: $1

Surrounding Property Owners' List (Non-Radius Search)*

Product Type Fee
Specified area of 75+ parcels per search: $50
Additional hourly labor charge (after first hour) per hour: $93
Mailing labels (30 labels per sheet) per sheet: $1

Parcel Search Application

*Add $2 postage if mailed or faxed (Includes first four sheets; $0.25 per sheet thereafter)

Releasing Names and Addresses
Pursuant to Chapter 3, Section 27, 1997 Minnesota Laws, property owners' names and addresses cannot be used for business purposes if the business purpose consists of conducting surveys, marketing, or solicitation.