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In accordance with Section 389.08 of Minnesota Statutes, the Washington County Board has passed Ordinance No.10 requiring any survey of land to be filed with the County Surveyor.

Ordinance No. 10

  1. Any licensed land surveyor who shall perform a survey of land located within Washington County for an individual or corporation shall file a true and correct copy of the survey in the Office of the County Surveyor within 30 days after completion of said survey.
  2. The County Surveyor is hereby directed to draw up rules and regulations detailing the manner of said filing and incidents thereto.
  3. All surveys so filed shall be public records and shall be available at all reasonable times for inspection by any person under rules and regulations determined by the County Surveyor.
  4. This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and publication according to law.

*Passed by the Board of County Commissioners of Washington County, Minnesota, this 14th day of July, 1975.

Certificates of Survey on file

The County Surveyor maintains a record of each survey of land that is filed by a licensed land surveyor according to Section 389.08, Minnesota Statues. Certificates of Survey are available for public view during office hours.
The location of surveys on file can be seen on the interactive GIS based Data Map. Open the viewer, zoom-in, and open the layers menu with the 3-bar icon in the upper left.

Copyright laws apply. Only those surveys made before March 1, 1989, can be photocopied. All other surveys are copyright protected.