Parks & Trails

County Parks MapWashington County Parks and Trails provide a gateway to the tranquility fostered by natural areas within the County. With more than 4,400 acres in its parks system, there are many open spaces to access nature close to home.

Situated on the eastern edge of the Twin Cities metropolitan area, Washington County harbors some of the most unique natural landscapes in the region. Framed by the wild and scenic St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers, river adventures are easily accessible from Washington County’s St. Croix Bluffs Regional Park. Heavily influenced by receding glaciers, the hilly countryside of northern Washington County boasts some of the cleanest lakes in Minnesota, attracting anglers and boaters to Big Marine Park Reserve and Square Lake Park. Central and southern portions of the County exhibit signs of glacial outwash and are home to unique natural features like the ravines of Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park and the 120-foot deep lake in Lake Elmo Park Reserve. These natural landscapes welcome park visitors and provide a backdrop for a host of outdoor pursuits. This year, find yourself in a Washington County Park or on a Washington County Trail.