For home improvement permits, or on private property, please contact the city or township in which you reside.

For septic systems, please contact the Department of Public Health & Environment.

Washington County Right of Way Ordinance #188

Permit Fee Schedule

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Access Permit: Required for any new driveway, field entrance, street or commercial access on a Washington County road or for a change in use of an existing access. Please allow two weeks for processing.
Right of Way Permit*: Required for utility installations, grading in the County right of way, or work which obstructs the right of way. Also available for parades, running/cycling races, exhibitions, and festivals that require closing or temporarily restricting access on County roads. An Annual Right of Way Permit is required for all utility companies performing maintenance on their facility. Please allow two weeks for processing.
*New Fee Schedule.
Requirements for Right of Way Permits Form - required with application
Right of Way Registration Form - required (submit annually)
Transportation Permit: Required for any oversized load that is transported on a Washington County road. Please allow two days for processing.
Regional Rail Access/Access Crossing Permit: Please allow two weeks for processing.
Regional Railroad Right of Way Permit: Please allow two weeks for processing.
Weed Control Agreement/No Mowing Agreement