Land and Water Legacy Program

Washington County and partners have completed 40 land protection projects on more than 1,300 acres in the last 17 years increasing public access to natural areas. The program remains one of the best hopes for protecting the water, soil, creatures and climate so essential to our existence, health and well-being.

Land and Water Legacy Program Plans and Maps

Top 10 Protection Priority Area Map was developed using the best available data to assure we are protecting what is irreplaceable and highest quality.

Top 10 Priority Conservation Areas Report (2012) (PDF) guides implementation and contains a set of maps and details identifying land for conservation purposes. 

Top 10 Priority Conservation Areas Factsheets (2010) (PDF) summarizes the conversation objectives, benefits and greatest need in each of the areas.

All County Land Protection Projects Completed to Date

Map of land protection projects (PDF) completed between 2000-2020.

In 2000, the county completed seven land protection projects (PDF), setting the stage for the Land and Water Legacy Program Referendum. 


View projects funded by the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council and other partnerships.