Glacial Hills Regional Trail Long-Range Plan

  1. Ash tree removal occurring on the East and West side trails in Lake Elmo Park Reserve

    Ash tree removal is currently occurring on the East and West side trails in Lake Elmo Park Reserve. Ash trees are being removed due to impact of Emerald ash borer and to ensure safety of park users along the trails and borders of the park. Read on...
  2. Historic Courthouse temporarily closed in preparation for improvement project

    Washington County is completing an exterior restoration project on the Historic Courthouse this year. Read on...
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Washington County is developing a long-range planning document that will guide the future development of a paved multiuse trail called the Glacial Hills Regional Trail.

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Please participate in our brief survey to provide initial input on project priorities and trail use: Glacial Hills Regional Trail Long-Range Plan: Engagement Survey.

About the Trail

The Glacial Hills Regional Trail will be an east-west trail that will run through northern Washington County. Once fully developed, it will connect pedestrians, bicyclists and trail users to regional destinations, including Hardwood Creek and Central Greenway Regional Trails, Big Marine Park Reserve and William O’Brien State Park.

Glacial Hills Regional Trail is considered a regional trail search corridor by the Metropolitan Regional Parks System and will address the criteria set forth in the Metropolitan Council’s 2040 Regional Park Policy Plan.

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Long-range trail plans are the result of working together with the community and agency stakeholders to create a detailed vision for the future trail. 

This plan will give us clear instructions on where the trail will go, what land we need, what features it will have, how we will protect the environment, and what maintenance it will need. 

A successful planning process takes the community's ideas and turns them into a practical plan that prepares the project for future stages like funding, design, and construction.


In Spring to Summer of 2023, visioning and site analysis. Summer to Fall 2023, Engagement and Data Collection. Fall 2023 to Winter 2024, route development and plan drafting. Winter 2024 - Spring 2025, Final draft and approval process.

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