Investigations Division

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office Investigation Division primarily investigates felony level crimes in all areas that utilize the Sheriff’s Office as their law enforcement agency, while also providing assistance to partnering agencies throughout Washington County.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office strives to provide high-quality law enforcement services to the public we serve. While each crime that is reported is evaluated thoroughly for evidence and solvability factors, not every crime reported is assigned to a detective. Detectives working in the Investigations Division are assigned cases through a variety of means; including calls from patrol, direct calls to scenes, referrals from other law enforcement agencies or community services, and through assignment by the Detective Sergeant or Division Commander.

Those investigators assigned to the Computer Forensics work a wide variety of cases. They are called upon to assist in drug investigations, homicides and fraud cases. Also, they are responsible to investigate child pornography cases. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office Computer Forensics Unit works in partnership with the Minnesota Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) to investigate and bring charges against those that perpetrate these crimes. This unit is also responsible to assist with investigations involving many different types of multi-media.