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New online system to request a report

The Sheriff's Office Records Unit is excited to announce it has launched a one-stop shop for all record requests. Residents, media, lawyers, etc., can now request reports, records and digital media online

Note: Agreeing the online system may result in a convenience fee charged by the software company. If you choose not to use the online system, you may submit your request in person at the Sheriff's Office.

Once the Records Unit has processed your request, you will automatically receive updates on its progress. You will be notified when the request is being processed and when it is complete. This convenient service allows you to make payment and download the record all at once. This new online service aims to enhance communication and streamline the process, resulting in shorter turnaround times.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Records Unit at 651-430-7600 or by email.

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Please read the following information thoroughly to request for government data.

Accident Report

According to state law, requestors listed on the accident report (owner/driver) may obtain a copy of the accident report.

Body Worn Camera Footage

The recommended interpretation of MN Stat. 13.825 regarding Body Worn Camera footage from the Data Practices Office of the MN Department of Administration is such:

Our guidance is that 13.825 classifies "data," - individual pieces of information - and the data subject is only entitled to those pieces where they can be seen or heard. If there are portions where they are neither seen nor heard, they can’t have access to them.

Other Important Information

Types of Payment Accepted

Cash, checks, and major credit cards accepted.

Payment may be required depending on the type of record:

Fee ScheduleFee
911 Voice audio CD (retention time is 1 year)$10
911 Research time to create copy$20 per hour
911 Typed transcript ($25 prepayment required)$20 per hour
CD (Audio/photos) & Body Worn Camera Photos (pre-payment required)$10 per CD
Digital Squad Video DVD (prepayment required)$20 per DVD
Reports (includes state accident reports, non-commercial use 
per Chapter 13.03)
$1 per 10 pages
Query Reports$5
Clearance Letters (per person)$5
Background Check (per person)$5
Jail Summary (per person)$1 per 10 pages
Daily Incident Reports (email)Per day-$2 /per month-$50