American Rescue Plan Act

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) provides funding to support Washington County in its efforts to continue the response to the economic and public health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How much funding did Washington County receive from the ARPA?

Washington County received $50,975,893 from the Coronavirus State Local and Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) program authorized by ARPA.

How does Washington County use its ARPA funding?

The Washington County Board of Commissioners approved a project plan that allocates ARPA funding into four categories. 

Is there a deadline to spend the ARPA funding?

ARPA funds must be committed by December 31, 2024. All ARPA funding must be fully expensed by December 31, 2026.

What reporting is required?

Washington County is required to submit quarterly reports and an annual Recovery Plan report to the U.S. Department of Treasury. These reports are available in the "Reports" section on this web page.

Washington County Recovery Plan

Funding Categories2021 Recovery Plan2022 Recovery Plan2023 Recovery Plan
County Infrastructure Improvements and Operations funded by loss revenue$7,847,400$7,766,200$8,594,700
Investments in Water, Sewer and Broadband$2,750,000$2,750,000$2,750,000
Supporting the Public Health Needs of County Residents and Staff$29,067,793$38,710,893$37,669,193
Supporting Workers, Residents, Businesses and Others Negatively Impacted by the Pandemic$1,748,800$1,748,800$1,962,000
Unallocated Contingency$9,561,900$0$0

Washington County prioritizes fairness in its work. Although it's a healthy county, some residents face health challenges due to factors like race, education, income, and location, which worsened during the pandemic. County equity efforts include partnerships, collaborations, and outreach to ensure services are equitable: 

  • Remove barriers for quicker response, like reducing personal information requirements for food support or vaccines. 
  • Engage diverse community representatives to address communication gaps with underserved groups. 
  • Use trusted messengers for equal access to information. 
  • Translate materials and provide interpreter services. 
  • Offer transportation support for vaccine clinics, testing centers, and food distribution events. 
  • Provide no-contact food support delivery and proportionate food distribution.

Washington County is investing more than 20% of its allocation in interventions, such as crisis response, food security, internet accessibility, housing support, community health workers, and career pathways to have a direct impact on the goals described for each of these initiatives.

Detailed Information of Recovery Plan Projects

County Infrastructure Improvements and Operations: $8,594,700

Project NameRecovery Plan Descriptions
2023 Recovery Plan 
Amount Allocated
Project Status
Audio Visual UpgradeThe Washington County Board Room requires a high-quality production system that effectively meets the needs of commissioners, staff, residents, and guests who attend or view weekly meetings and workshops. The County Board Room hosts several additional events and trainings each year. Primary operations of the audio/video equipment are in the production control room. The system records and broadcasts live content to online digital platforms and cable access partners. This project will increase access to live/recorded content by expanding distribution options, providing limited realtime closed captioning services, integrating critical redundancies, modifying select operations, and adding basic equipment protections. To complete the proposed A/V project, Information Technology requests ARPA funds be allocated for audio/video hardware, vendor services, construction-related costs and the first year of subscription services.$139,500
Election Equipment ReplacementThis project will replace outdated assistive voting devices and poll pads used on Election Day and in absentee voting locations. The current machines from 2004 are no longer manufactured, and only refurbished parts are available for repairs or replacements. Modernizing the system will improve cyber security.$350,000
Electric Vehicle Charging StudyWashington County is in the process of submitting an application for a USDOT Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Discretionary grant program award, to install public facing Level II electric vehicle (EV) chargers at Service Centers and Transit Centers throughout the County. The project requires a 20% local match, and the county would use ARPA dollars to fund this amount. The project local match is anticipated to be $131,788.80, or 20% of the total $658,944 project cost.$125,000
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Federal Grant MatchWashington County will conduct an assessment to identify and address deficiencies of the Washington County electric vehicle charging infrastructure network, with an emphasis on site locations, to inform the prioritization of future infrastructure investment and deployment. The study will consider County fleet, employee, and general public need.$135,000
Information Technology InfrastructureThis project will provide funding for increased information technology infrastructure and security measures as outlined in the county's capital equipment and technology plan. These improvements will support remote work for county employees and remote access for those doing business with the county, as well as improve client communication, all in response to the pandemic.$3,130,200
Law Library Loss RevenueThe Law Library is funded by fines and forfeitures from the court system. Due to the pandemic, revenue decreased in 2020 and 2021, resulting in negative balances. The collection of fines is expected to be lower in 2022. The Law Library needs replacement revenue to maintain its print and electronic materials collection.$68,800
R.H. Stafford Library PlanningThe R. H. Stafford Library is part of the planned 2027 bond sale project list and to deliver the remodel in the requested timeline, design services will need to begin in late 2024. The scope of work that will be included in this phase of design is the following: Community engagement, programming needs determined by Library staff, development of projects options and corresponding costs, and site layout options. This request for $125,000 is to fund the design services since it is outside of the 18-month pre-spend on bond sale revenue.$125,000
Park Grove Library Planning
The Park Grove Library is part of the planned 2027 bond sale project list. In order to deliver the remodel in the requested timeline, design services will need to begin in early 2024. The scope of work that will be included in this phase of design is the following: Community engagement, programming needs determined by Library staff, development of projects options and corresponding costs, and site layout options. This request is to fund the design services for $125,000 since it is outside of the 18-month pre-spend on bond sale revenue.

Public Works Fleet ReplacementThe Fleet Capital Replacement Budget for 2022 is $641,300, but it should be $1.52 million annually to meet equipment needs. The current fleet and equipment replacement backlog is $5.4 million. Due to reduced gas tax during the pandemic, State Aid funding has decreased, resulting in a loss of over $9.5 million in transportation revenues.$1,000,000
St. Croix Boat Launch ImprovementsThis funding will accelerate the replacement of the boat launch at St. Croix Bluffs Regional Park. This will provide accessibility to the river and fishing piers. The boat launch is used for access to the river while responding to emergencies on the St. Croix River.$700,000Completed
Sheriff's Office Mobile Squad Radio ReplacementThis request funds a replacement of all Washington County public safety radios installed in squad cars. The current radios were purchased in 2007-2008 and are no longer supported for parts. New radios offer several enhancements, such as encryption, improved controls, and wireless programming, which will decrease staff time to support the radios. The WiFi programming will allow for social distancing as all updates are done remotely.$500,000Completed
Voice-Telephone System ReplacementThis project aims to replace the current county telephone system, which is at the end of its useful life, in order to facilitate telework and efficiently deliver county services virtually.$2,017,200
Website Analytics, Evaluation, and RecommendationsThe purpose of this project is to secure consulting services to conduct a website user needs assessment and usability evaluation on the county’s website, Washington County launched the website,, on its current content management system, CivicEngage Central by CivicPlus in 2012. The project goal of website evaluation is to assess the performance, user experience and overall quality of the website in order to shift from the staff-centric focus to a user-centric focus, identify areas improvement, and optimize its effectiveness. We are seeking to hire a qualified firm or individual to engage stakeholders and end users, study the current website, and develop a user-centered recommendation for the future of the website. We are seeking innovative ideas for how we can reinvent the website to meet the needs of residents who seek services, employees who administer services, and businesses who wants to thrive in Washington County. $125,000