Disability Certificates/Plates

Please visit us in person to assist with your disability certificate or plate needs.  Our locations are open for walk-in service during normal during business hours. We look forward to serving you! 

A temporary 90 day certificate will be issued at the time of the application. 
Disability plates and/or placard will be mailed to you from the State of Minnesota. 

If you do not receive your placard or plates within 90 days, please contact the Minnesota Department of Public Safety at 651-297-3377.

  1. Disability Certificates
  2. Disability Plates

Disability Parking Certificate
The Application for Disability Parking Certificate must be completed and signed by the physician and applicant.
See Disability Certificate Application Guide to ensure all necessary fields are completed. If you are renewing an expiring permanent (six year validity) certificate, submit the renewal card sent by the State of Minnesota or complete the application listed above. The applicant's signature is required, the physician's signature is not required. For all other expiring certificates, (temporary, short-term or long-term), signatures are required from the physician and applicant. 

What Will I Pay?
Fees may apply and vary depending on the length of validity of the certificate indicated by the physician on the application.