Replacement Minnesota Title

Minnesota titles that have been misplaced, stolen, or simply was never received from the State of Minnesota, can be applied for and a duplicate title printed at any of our License Center locations.

Apply for a duplicate Minnesota title 
Application Guide 

Vehicle Owner:    C
omplete an Application for Duplicate Title
  Show a valid driver's license or identification card.

Not the vehicle owner:  Complete the Application for Duplicate Title 
  signed by the vehicle owner.

Title with a lien listed?
Bring the original signed lein release card or notarized lien release and the title to get a new title issued without the lien holder listed on it.  If the lien is still in effect, or you wish to leave the lien listed on the duplicate title, no action is required. 

Fee  $20.50.

If you have not received the title from the State of Minnesota, it has been less than 180 days since the title was issued and you have not changed addresses, you may apply for a duplicate title at no fee.