Square Lake Park Master Plan


Washington County is leading a master plan process for Square Lake Park. Located in May Township, this 25-acre park is a regional feature renowned for its access to some of the clearest waters in the metropolitan region. The park offers a popular swim beach and lake access for boats, scuba divers, paddle boarders, and more.

Master plans are a product of collaboration with the community and agency stakeholders that delivers a new comprehensive vision for the future of the park and its legacy. The Square Lake Park master plan will provide the planning and implementation guidance for future park capital improvements, acquisitions, and natural resource management.

Project themes and goals:

Master Plan Draft Document

View the draft Square Lake Special Recreation Feature master plan:

If you have any questions or comments on the draft plan, please contact
Connor Schaefer, Planner - connor.schaefer@co.washington.mn.us

Public Engagement 

Washington County led a public engagement process for this project in 2020. In light of the COVID‐19 situation, engagement opportunities were primarily conducted online.

Review past engagement events and findings below.

  1. Events
  2. Findings

Summary of Engagement Events:

  • Online Engagement Event #2 
    (Dec 14-27, 2020 - viewable, but comment period closed)
  • Online Engagement Event #1 
    (Aug 10-23, 2020 - viewable, but comment period closed) 
  • Master Plan Engagement Survey
  • Targeted Outreach Meetings
  • Observational Visits
  • Technical Advisory Committee Meetings (4)