State Benefits

See your Veterans Service Officer for more information or to apply for these benefits.
  1. Dental Assistance
  2. Disaster Relief
  3. Market Value Exclusion on Homestead Property Taxes
  4. Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV)
  5. Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA)
  6. Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA) Veterans Homes
  7. Optical Assistance
  8. Short-Term Financial Assistance (Subsistence)
  9. Special Needs Grant
  10. Surviving Spouse & Dependent Education Benefit
  11. Veteran Educational Assistance

Dental benefits are provided to Veterans and their dependents for routine dental, extraction, and denture procedures. This benefit is income and asset based, and you and your dependents may receive up to $1,000 for annual routine dental care. You may also be authorized for up to $3,000 of one-per-lifetime benefits, and if needed, an additional $2,000 for tooth extractions in preparation for the dentures.