Guidance for Compliance

You are expected to comply with all areas of the Home Safety Checklist (PDF) .

Failure to comply with an item can result in a correction order.

  1. Emergency Procedures
  2. Home Safety & Health
  3. Physical Environment

The following items must be posted and/or readily accessible in a prominent location in a common area of the home where they can be easily observed by a person responding to an incident:

Emergency phone numbers:

  • The bright orange sheet of emergency numbers with 911 at the top which Washington County provides to you.
  • It must be posted by your phone or in a prominent location.

Written emergency procedures:

  • This is the diagram of the home showing the emergency exit routes.
  • It must be posted either in residents' bedrooms on the back of the door so that it is visible when the door is closed or by the inside of the bedroom door.
  • It can be located in central area of the home such as a hallway.
  • It is NOT acceptable for it to be located right by the front door.
  • It is NOT acceptable for it to be hidden inside a cupboard.
  • There should be a plan located on each level used by residents.

An operable battery powered flashlight and radio/TV:

  • Must demonstrate to the licensor that these are operable.

First-aid supplies:

  • Bandages
  • Sterile compresses
  • Scissors
  • Ice bag or cold pack
  • Oral or surface thermometer
  • Mild liquid soap
  • Adhesive tape
  • First-aid manual

An operable telephone:

  • Should have a landline phone or dedicated cell which is available to the residents in case of an emergency or to use when you are not home.