Event Recycling

Green Event Toolkit

Front cover of Green Toolkit, park with green grass, recycling bin and trash bin Opens in new windowEvents can generate a lot of trash! The Green Event Toolkit includes useful tips on what’s recyclable and compostable, how to set up a green event, and who to contact for various service needs. Use this toolkit as a road map to plan your next green event!

Questions? Email Washington County Public Health & Environment at PHE@co.washington.mn.us or call 651-430-6655.

Event Right Sizing

Use this worksheet to determine what services you need for your event.

Communicating to Vendors

Download and customize these letters to communicate your waste reduction goals and recycling guidelines to vendors.

Recycling Container Loan

Portable recycling containers are available for you to borrow for collecting bottles and cans at small, single-day gatherings such as graduation parties, family reunions, block parties, and similar events. Learn more.