Minnesota 3M PFAS/PFC Settlement

On Feb. 20, 2018, the state of Minnesota settled its lawsuit against the 3M Company in return for a settlement of $850 million. Minnesota’s attorney general sued 3M in 2010alleging that the company’s production of chemicals known as PFCs had damaged drinking water and natural resources in the southeast Twin Cities metro area. After legal and other expenses are paid, about $720 million will be invested in drinking water and natural resource projects in the Twin Cities east metropolitan region.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources are co-trustees of these funds.

The settlement agreement has two priorities:

  1. Ensure safe drinking wastes.
  2. Enhance natural resources.

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The state agencies set up various working groups to focus efforts and determine how to spend settlement funds on Priority 1: Ensure Safe Drinking Water. These groups include: The Government and 3M Working group , Citizen and Business group , and the Drinking Water Supply subgroup. The  county has representatives on the Government/3M and Drinking Water Supply group. 

The State released the Final Drinking Water Supply Plan for affected communities in September 2021, to meet the goals of Priority 1. See the state’s website for details of the plan: Final Drinking Water Supply Plan

 Implementation of the Drinking Water Supply Plan is underway with communities, and the county continues to stay involved and updated. 

For questions about the 3M settlement and the county’s participation, email PHE@co.washington.mn.us. You can also visit the state’s 3M settlement webpage for more information.