Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Community Services' Anti-Racism Workgroup

Mission: ElimDiversity Treeinate Racism and Promote Cultural
Diversity & Inclusion

Vision: Community Services will provide a welcoming and inclusive environment by focusing on internal staff competence and recruitment as a way to increase internal diversity and better serve our clients.

•  Promote Effective Dialogue
•  Foster a Learning Environment
•  Improve Hiring & Retention of Racially Underrepresented Staff
•  Promote Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

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  2. County Demographics
  3. County Workforce
  4. 2018-2020 Plan

Promote Effective Dialogue

Provide a safe space for employees to reflect on challenging topics and learn from one another.

Foster a Learning Environment

We provide appropriate, timely, training and a variety of resources to all staff. We strive to increase cultural competency and support anti-racism advancements.

Improve Hiring & Retention of Racially Underrepresented Staff

We increase our recruitment, hiring, and retention of rates of persons of color. We strive to eliminate disparities in our workforce.

Promote our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

We communicate our values and goals through a variety of avenues and to multiple audiences. We strive to impart our messages on our workforce, our clients, and our community.

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