Decision Points

Decision Points is a program that works to help participants take themselves out of a “trouble cycle” where on decision creates problems that compounds on itself. Decision Points is comprised of 4 steps:

Step 1) Identify My Thoughts and Feelings
Step 2) Think About Others Who Care What I Do
Step 3) Think About Choices. Pick One
Step 4) Identify A Motivating Thought

Participants must demonstrate a mastery of each skill before advancing to the next one. This is done through a combination of a written exercise of each step outside of class, as well as role playing of a risk situation while in class.

Decision Points is an open-ended curriculum. Participants can start at any time, and complete the class when they have demonstrated a mastery of all 4 steps. As there are many factors that go into a person mastering all 4 steps, there is no set number of classes a participant must attend before completing the program.

Decision Points is currently offered once a week at all three Community Corrections offices at various days and times. It is offered to both male and female clients on juvenile and adult probation. It is also offered in the Washington County Jail twice a week for male offenders.

Decision Points was first published in 2013. It was authored by Juliana Taymans, John Bush, Charles Robinson, and Steve Swisher.

Fee: Free Program