Initial Training

Required for Non-Kin Providers Only

The Minnesota Legislature will require all social service agencies to coordinate an initial foster care phone call (also referred to as a comfort call) between child’s parents/legal guardian and foster parents/facility staff when a child is placed or when they move placements.

Initial calls are mandatory and must be made within 72 hours of a child being placed or moving placements.  

Initial calls help to:

  • Promote immediate communication between foster parent and birth parent
  • Minimize trauma of separation for both child and parents
  • Reinforces commitment to maintaining connections and contact
  • Provides a smoother transition into foster home by allowing the foster parent to ask specific information about the child needs, routine, likes, dislikes, etc.
  • Gives the birth parent a chance to convey what information they feel is critical to the care of their child

Required training video:

Initial Call Training

Resources for Initial Calls