Special Use Permits

Special requests for use of a park property can be made and require a Special Use Permit. These special requests may include, but are not limited to:

  • Marathons.
  • Team meets.
  • Professional photography.
  • Other commercial.

How to Request a Special Use Permit

  1. Complete and submit the online special use request form for each event (see below for form).
  2. Review the special use fees listed on the request form.  
  3. Read the insurance (PDF) requirement, and submit proof of insurance as necessary. 

Some activities may be limited to specific times of the year, depending on park usage and availability of resources. Most competitive events will not be allowed between Memorial and Labor Day weekends.

All requests will be reviewed and decisions will be made based on the resources available and impact to the park's natural resources.

Request A Special Use Permit


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  • Contact Information

    1. Parks Division

      1515 Keats Avenue N
      Lake Elmo, MN 55042 

    2. Request A Special Use Permit

      Policy #: PKP005
      Phone: 651-430-8370
      Email: Parks@co.washington.mn.us