Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance (MA) is a program administered by the county and funded by the federal and state government, which pays for medical care for low-income individuals and families who cannot afford it. Before applying for public assistance, you can find out what programs you might be eligible for by using the Bridge to Benefits screening tool. The tool is easy, confidential, and free.

Applying for a Health Care Program

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Medical Transportation

If you are a recipient of Medical Assistance you may be entitled to free or reimbursed transportation to and from medical appointments. If you are not on a managed health care plan you should contact MNET at 1-866-467-1724 at least 3 days before your appointment to discuss your options. If you are on a managed health care plan (Health Partners or UCARE) contact the customer service number on your medical ID card.

Managed Care

If you are approved for Medical Assistance you will be asked to pick a managed care plan unless you meet an exemption. Washington County offers Blue Plus, UCARE, Health Partners, and Medica (for elderly and disabled) as their managed care providers. If you are enrolled in a managed care plan and have any questions about your coverage you should contact the customer service number provided on the back of your health care card. If you have questions about managed care you can leave a message on the managed care hotline at 651-430-6552.

Specialized Health Care Programs

There are many specialized health care programs in addition to regular Medical Assistance. Click on the following links to learn more.

Medicare Savings Programs

Helps pay all or some of your Medicare premiums.

Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA)

A program for families with children who have a disability but the families’ income makes them ineligible for regular Medical Assistance. This program allows children who have high medical needs to use MA as a secondary insurance to help cover costs. This program does not pay for services beyond what Medical Assistance would normally cover and with it families must pay a parental fee.

Waiver Programs

Waiver programs are designed to keep people in their homes or in the community rather than having to have them placed in a facility. They are for people who need a nursing level of care and serve as a supplement to Medical Assistance to cover additional needs. People wishing to be placed on a waiver must first have an assessment in order to determine the level of care they may need. There are several types of waivers:

Long Term Care

This Medical Assistance program is for people living in a long term care facility who no longer have the funds to pay for the facility. In order to be eligible for this program the applicant must be currently living in a long term care facility and meet income and asset guidelines. The program requires completion of a special long term care application. If the applicant is married they will be required to also complete an asset assessment. An asset assessment needs to be completed once and it needs to be completed the first time one of the spouses used 30+ days of long term care services.