Park Donations

Donation Options

Thank you for considering a tax deductible donation to the Washington County park system. Your generosity can help us enhance natural areas, improve trails and amenities, provide valuable education to youth, or support the preservation of the Historic Courthouse. 

To donate, please fill out the form below and mail in, or call the office at 651-430-8370.

Printable Donation Form

  1. Stewardship Fund
  2. Parks & Trails Fund
  3. Historic Courthouse Fund

Living Forest

The living forest program contributes to reforestation efforts of native trees throughout the parks. Your donation of $50 is used to purchase small trees with a tree protection shelter. This is a great way to recognize someone who is close to you. Parks staff will decide the species and location of the trees in the parks.

Milkweed for Monarchs  

Help enhance monarch habitat in the parks. Milkweed is an essential food source for growing monarch caterpillars, and provides nectar resources for a wide array of pollinators. Your donation of $25 is used to purchase milkweed seed which is used in prairie restorations.