City Recycling Resources

Public Health and Environment hosts quarterly meetings for city and township recycling coordinators. The meetings provide valuable learning opportunities and encourage collaboration across communities in Washington County.

Meeting topics include the county’s recycling grant program, resources available for use and distribution at community events, and discussions on innovative ways to reinvigorate residential recycling and waste reduction programs. The department publishes electronic agendas and meetings materials for the recycling coordinators.

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A recycling best practices continuum has been developed to assist cities and townships in generating ideas for project level grant funding. It is the intent of these projects to increase education and awareness among residents regarding residential recycling. These efforts will help guide a community towards increased recycling rates.

2024 Municipal Recycling Performance Continuum for Residential Recycling (PDF)

Educational Resources 

Washington County has developed a series of social media graphics, images, and handouts that can be used by cities and townships. 

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The “Be a Battery Hero Campaign” is a social media campaign to promote residential battery disposal best practices. The campaign is shared between Hennepin, Ramsey, and Washington Counties, created through the Partnership on Waste and Energy (PWE).

Download campaign assets at Materials available in multiple languages.

All social media posts should link to the Washington County battery disposal webpage.

Additional Resources