Aggressive Replacement Training

Program Description

Aggressive Replacement Training is an evidence-based program designed to change the behavior of chronically aggressive youth.

The four main goals of ART are to promote skills achievement and performance; to improve anger control; to decrease the frequency of acting-out behaviors; and to increase the frequency of beneficial, pro-social behaviors. ART is led by two qualified probation officers trained in the curriculum.

ART is an impactful intervention with three components:

1) Skillstreaming - teaching youth what to do in threatening or stressful situations through role-playing, skills modeling, and other interactive activities.

2) Anger Control Training - Empowering youth to modify their own anger responsiveness.

3) Moral Reasoning Training - Raising participant awareness of others' points of view, and teaching youth to view their world in a more fair and objective way.

Program Details

Schedule: 3 times a week for 10 weeks; 2.5 hours each session

Target Population: Male youth on probation ages 12 to 18

Cost: Free

Location: Washington County Service Center - PLACE Program Room, 13000 Ravine Parkway South, Cottage Grove, MN 55016

Contact: Charles Henderson, PLACE Program Manager - 651-342-9207

"Aggressive Replacement Training: A Comprehensive Intervention for Aggressive Youth (rev. ed.)" curriculum was developed by Barry Glick, Ph.D., Arnold P. Goldstein, Ph.D., and John C. Gibbs, Ph.D., Champaign, IL.