Moving On

Program Description

Moving On is a program that is designed specifically for at-risk women.

There are six major goals that Moving On hopes to achieve with its participants.

1. To provide a safe place to talk about your hopes for the future.
2. Work to create a “Vision for Success”.
3. Focus on your personal strengths and build on them.
4. Introduce strategies and skills that move you forward and help manage unpleasant feelings such as anger, guilt, and sadness.
5. Look at ways to avoid the Criminal Justice System and feel happier and content.
6. Work to build connections with people in the community that are useful and mutually supportive.

Program Details

Moving On works with women over 25 sessions to accomplish these goals.

Classes are being offered at the Stillwater and Cottage Grove locations beginning in 2020.

Classes are held once a week from 12:00 P.M-2:00 P.M, covering the following modules:

  • Transitions: Engage and motivate the women
  • Listening and Being Heard: Provides effective communication skills to help women initiate and maintain health relationships
  • Building Healthy Relationships: Explores the impact of unhealthy relationships and domestic violence
  • Expressing Emotions: Focuses on expressing and celebrating emotions
  • Making Connections and Staying Healthy: Addresses real life challenges regarding women’s relationships with themselves and their connections with others
  • Transitions: Prepares the women to transition out of the program

Cost: Free

"Moving On" was developed by Marilyn Van Dieten, Ph.D., and Pattie MacKenna, M.A., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (All rights reserved, permission for use required by authors.)