Thinking For A Change

Program Description

Thinking For A Change (T4C) is a 25-session program that combines both cognitive restructuring and Cognitive Skills. T4C is offered for male clients at all three of the Community Corrections offices throughout Washington County at various times and dates throughout the year. T4C is made up of three components:

  • Cognitive Self Change: Paying attention to the thoughts and feelings that go on inside of us to avoid the kinds of thoughts and feelings that lead us to trouble.
  • Social Skills: Behaviors or abilities we use in situations that involve other people.
  • Problem Solving: Skills to help us make better choices.

Classes are held twice a week, with the class taking approximately three months to successfully complete.

Thinking For A Change was first published in 1998. It was authored by Jack Bush, Barry Glick, and Juliana Taymans. Thinking For A Change was developed in cooperation with the National Institute of Corrections.