Washington County places a high value on the connections we have with residents, families and the community. The Communications team monitors countywide information about its projects, programs, services, ordinances and policies to assure accurate information is disseminated to the public. 

The Communications team handles media relations for the Washington County Board of Commissioners, the county, and the Washington County departments. Communications staff issue press releases and respond to media requests. Staff also uses social media to promote county events, resources, initiatives and information. The Communications team is also responsible for managing the Washington County website and the employee's intranet. 

County Style Guide

Washington County communications follow a specific style and branding, which is explained in the county Style Guide (PDF).

Washington County Photo and Video Authorization Form

  1. Washington County Photo and Video Authorization 

  2. Acknowledgement

    I authorize Washington County and/or its authorized representatives to take and release my photo and video image(s), and/or my child/children's photo and video image(s).

    I grant Washington County to use, edit, broadcast, and/or publish said images in any media format, including but not limited to: print, video, electronic, website, social media and television. 

    Potential use of said images may include, but are not limited to, educational or promotional materials by Washington County.

    I understand the images may be duplicated and/or distributed by others who are or may not be subject to this release and authorization and are outside the control or supervision of Washington County. 

    • I waive my rights to inspect any photo and/or video images of me and/or my child/children.
    • I agree that I shall receive no  compensation of any kind for use of said images.
    • I understand that I am under no obligation to give consent, but I give my consent voluntarily. 
    • I also understand that I cannot later revoke this consent for any reason. 
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