When to submit a study

Applicants and license holder must submit a study when:
  • they apply for a licensure
  • when they have a NEW household member or a child turns 13 or older
  • when they hire a new caregiver BEFORE that person provides even supervised care
  • when a person has been absent from the home more than 120 consecutive days
All caregivers must have a study SUBMITTED before they can have supervised access to clients. They must have a cleared study or have a notice which allows the person to have either supervised or unsupervised access while the study is being completed.

A study may need to be resubmitted if the person does not have contact with the foster care provider for longer than 90 days. This does not include a household member who may be away from the home while attending school (for example: living on campus or out of state). It does not include family members who visit from out of state or from another country unless they'll be visiting for an extended period of time.

At initial application discuss with your licensor who must have a study prior to submitting any studies.