Sentence To Service


STS Orientation

Crew Member Work Agreement, Privacy Act Statement, and Medical Form

Work Site Information

8 a.m. Report time for all locations

Stillwater Government Center

What is Sentence to Service (STS) 

Sentence to Service (STS) is a jail alternative program, designed to repay the community for harm incurred by an offender. STS avoids costly incarceration, provides work projects that are of benefit to the citizens of Washington County by improving the condition of its resources and improves competency levels for offenders through completion of meaningful work experiences.

 By participating in STS, offenders are able to indirectly make amends for their actions by contributing to work projects that add significant value to organizations and communities throughout the county. Under the direction of STS crew leaders, work projects are completed for public, non-profit, and government agencies.

Examples of work projects include:

  • Cutting grass for elderly/disabled individuals
  • Shoveling snow for elderly/disabled individuals
  • Trail and prairie restoration for state agencies
  • Recycling for county buildings
  • Natural disaster relief
  • Painting
  • Clean-up and general maintenance

 Eligibility for Community-Based Work Crews

  • Must be court ordered
  • Sentenced offense may not be a felony level assault
  • Sentenced offense may not be a weapons offense or involve a weapon
  • Sentenced offense may not be a sex-related offense involving a minor
  • Must not score high-risk on an offense specific risk assessment
  • Clients not eligible for community-based work crews are not excluded from in-custody STS participation on jail or kitchen work crews.

  Program Expectations

  • Dress appropriately for working outdoors. You will not be taken to the work site or receive credit unless you are dressed appropriately for working in the communities within Washington County. Recommended apparel for work is:
    • Layered clothing during cold weather
    • Safety-toed work boots or tennis shoes
    • Rain gear
    • Work gloves
    • Jeans/Work (Full Length) pants
    • Shirt with sleeves
    • No shorts, leggings or tank tops allowed
  • Bring a bag lunch
  • Disrespect or harassment of any kind is not tolerated. If you feel you are being harassed, please report it to your Crew Leader.
  • Do not bring cell phones or other electronic devices.
  • Do not bring tobacco products including matches and lighters.
    • Possession or use of any prohibited items will result in discipline.


The court has ordered your participation in the STS program.

  • Assignment to STS is a privilege and can be lost if behavior or performance present problems.
  • Crew leaders are authorized to administer disciplinary action which may include
    • verbal or written warning
    • loss of credit hours
    • removal from the STS program