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These metadata were created using the Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines .

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1. Identification Information
2. Data Quality Information
3. Spatial Data Organization Information
4. Spatial Reference Information
5. Entity and Attribute Information
6. Distribution Information
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Section 1

Identification Information

Originator Washington County Public Works Department
Title Washington County Parcel Data
Abstract This data set is a parcel cadastre. It contains map features similar to those previously shown on hand drawn tax maps. County Auditor's parcel descriptions were collected, interpreted and analyzed. Using coordinate geometry software the descriptions were correlated with survey controlled coordinate values of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS).

The data structure includes point, line, polygon and text features, with each graphic symbol representing a data layer. Several layers may overlap; e.g., a lot line, easement boundary and right of way limit may coincide and appear as a single line on a hard copy plot. Similar features grouped as major theme categories are designed to collectively represent that theme as an independent unit. For example, municipal, county and state road features combined as a theme are functionally complete as an independent road or transportation layer.
Purpose The parcel map base is vital in supporting property and land record operations of Washington County.
Time Period of Content Date
Currentness Reference New plats, lot divisions and other updates of parcel boundary detail are entered based on their recording or official entry in the County record system. Map Maintenance is performed on a weekly basis.
Progress Complete
Maintenance and Update Frequency Weekly
Spatial Extent of Data Parcels features are shown for the entire area of Washington County. Mapping limits on border rivers extend to shorelines of Dakota County and Wisconsin.
Bounding Coordinates -93.017
Place Keywords Afton,Bayport,Baytown,Cottage Grove,Forest Lake,Grant,Mahtomedi,Lake Elmo,Lakeland,Marine,Newport,Oakdale,Oak Park Heights,Pine Springs,St. Marys Point,St. Paul Park,Stillwater,Willernie,Woodbury,Washington County,Minnesota
Theme Keywords parcel, roads, easements, water, PLSS, centerlines, railroads, subdivisions
Theme Keyword Thesaurus None
Access Constraints The data set is available to anyone. Fees are charged according to Washington County pricing policy.
Use Constraints All users of the digital parcel data are licensees. Licensees agree to certain terms which define limitations on the use and handling of the digital parcel data. See license agreement for complete information.
The information is neither a legally recorded map nor a survey and is not intended to be used as one. The information is a compilation of records, information and data from various city, county and state offices and other sources and should be used for reference only. No representation is made that the features presented accurately reflect true locations. Washington County or any other entity from which data was obtained assumes no liability for any errors or omissions herein. If discrepancies are found, contact the Washington County Survey and Land Management Division.
Contact Person Information Nathan Schilling, Survey Technician II
Washington County Public Works Department, Survey Division
11660 Myeron Road North
Stillwater, Minnesota 55082
Phone: 651-430-6882
FAX: 651-430-6888
Browse Graphic File Name none available
Browse Graphic File Description none available
Associated Data Sets Property ownership, tax records, digital aerial photography, digital 2-foot contours, administrative and political boundaries.

Section 2

Data Quality Information - - - - - - Go back to top

Attribute Accuracy Point and line features are analyzed for completeness through the use of software programs. Parcel geocodes are tested for match by total count per PLSS section and compared to the total count from the Washington County Tax System listing. Attributes from the Washington County Tax System database such as: taxpayer name, address, value amounts, district codes, etc., are not provided or managed by the Survey and Land Management Division. This information is acquired separately and any association with the parcel data set is the responsibility of the user.
Logical Consistency Each symbolic layer is individually examined for completeness. An independent manual check of the parcel data was made at the time of its initial development whereby all geocoded parcel legal descriptions in a PLSS section were reinterpreted and examined for accuracy and completeness on the hard copy check plot. As each new plat or lot division occurs a similar process is repeated for the new additions during the maintenance period. Multiple lines of ownership indicating ambiguity in property line location are merged into a single line if falling within 3 feet of each other. Gaps or overlaps in these situations are not shown. In some cases where two lines converge; e.g., where at one end the two lot lines are within 0.50 feet of each other and at the other end they are within 6.00 feet of each other they may be merged because the average discrepancy is 3 feet or less. Where gaps or overlaps exist in excess of approximately 3 feet in width they are shown with text notation indicating APPARENT GAP or AREA OF DISCREPANCY.

Vacated street right of way adjoining parcels is included in the parcel polygon for those cases where the tax system description refers to it and/or where a recorded document is available. Road right of way polygons are created with designation of road intersections assigned to the highest road authority. At intersections of roads where there is a single road authority, individual polygon limits extend up to but not including the intersection with a separate polygon created for just the intersection area. All road, trail and railroad right of way polygons have a separate label code designation.

Polygons were created for all waters and wetlands that have been designated as protected areas by the State Department of Natural Resources. Every water and wetlands polygon has a label code.
Completeness Entire County is complete.
Horizontal Positional Accuracy Digitized features tested 8 feet horizontal accuracy at the 95 % confidence level using National Standard Spatial Data Accuracy (NSSDA).

All other features are generated by coordinate geometry and based on a framework of accurately located PLSS corner positions used with public information of record. Computed positions of parcel boundaries are not based on individual field surveys. Although tests of randomly selected points may show high accuracy between field and parcel map content, variations between boundary monumentation and legal description of record can and do exist. Caution is necessary in use of land boundary data shown. Contact the Survey and Land Management Division for more information.
Vertical Positional Accuracy n/a
Lineage Parcel boundary locations are derived from subdivision plats, registered land surveys, condominium plats, certificates of survey, right of way plats and Washington County Tax System parcel descriptions for metes and bounds ownership. These documents range in date from the late 1840's to the present. The PLSS coordinate control used to support the COGO analysis originated from an in place, survey controlled network of the PLSS corners on NAD27. Prior to the commencement of creating this digital information, these NAD27 values were rotated, transformed and least squares adjusted using the NGS program LEFTI to the NAD83 datum. These adjusted (NAD27 to NAD83) values were used for the digital parcel base mapping and were termed, 'Preliminary NAD83 Coordinates'. Field verification of discrepancies found in deed analysis for parcel mapping is not performed. Information is strictly based on documents of record in the Government Center.
Source Scale Denominator 1200

Section 3

Spatial Data Organization Information - - - - - - Go back to top

Native Data Set Environment ArcGIS, AutoCAD
Geographic Reference for Tabular Data Parcel reference: the property geocode, a code based on the Public Land Survey (see Section 5, Entity and Attribute information for subset variations of the parcel reference)

Road r/w polygon reference: road authority group

Water polygon reference: MnDNR Protected Waters and Wetland number
Spatial Object Type Point
Vendor Specific Object Types 'arc' 'area' 'cell' 'column' 'network' 'node' 'label' 'line' 'point' 'polygon' 'row'
Tiling Scheme Public Land Survey System section

Section 4

Spatial Reference Information - - - - - - Go back to top

Horizontal Coordinate Scheme County Coordinates
Ellipsoid GRS80
Horizontal Datum NAD83
Horizontal Units Feet
Distance Resolution Less than 0.01 feet
Altitude Datum Not applicable
Altitude Units Not applicable
Depth Datum Not applicable
Depth Units Not applicable
County Coordinate Zone Identifier 44
Coordinate Offsets or Adjustments Not applicable
Map Projection Name Traverse Mercator
Map Projection Parameters False Northing in meters = 30481.2751
False Easting in meters = 152406.3759
Central Meridian = -92 50 00
Latitude of Grid Origin = 44 44 45
Grid Scale Factor
at Central Meridian = 1.000039836799
State Plane Zone = 4326
Other Coordinate System's Definition n/a

Section 5

Entity and Attribute Information - - - - - - Go back to top

Entity and Attribute Overview The data set contains a variety of features including parcel lines, parcel geocodes, parcel dimensions, subdivision plat boundaries, road centerlines, road right of way lines, documented public (not private) easements 20 ft. or more in width, railroads, lakes, wetlands, rivers and streams. Washington County Tax System records (acquired separately) can be attached via the parcel geocode.

Note: Private easements are not mapped. Also, any public easement less than 20 ft. wide is not mapped.
Entity and Attribute Detailed Citation Listed below are additional pages which can help identify our naming scheme for Geodatabase Feature Classes, Subtypes and AutoCAD Layers used in the development of our parcel database.
The AutoCAD data dictionary gives a detailed explanation of each layer used in our parcel database.

Geodatabase Feature Class names and Subtypes with their corresponding AutoCAD Layer name.

Section 6

Distribution Information - - - - - - Go back to top

Publisher Washington County Public Works Department, Survey Division
Publication Date Periodically revised
Online Linkage none available
Contact Person Information Nathan Schilling, Survey Technician II
Washington County Public Works Department, Survey Division
11660 Myeron Road North
Stillwater, Minnesota 55082-0006
Phone: 651-430-6882
FAX: 651-430-6888
Distributor's Data Set Identifier Digital parcel map
Transfer Format Name Geodatabase, Shapefile, DXF, and AutoCAD formats
Transfer Format Version Number Varies
Transfer Size Varies
Ordering Instructions Send a written request to the distributor identifying the area required, including the desired file format. A license agreement may be required before the data will be shipped.

Section 7

Metadata Reference Information - - - - - - Go back to top

Metadata Date 03/03/2021
Contact Person Information Nathan Schilling, Survey Technician II
Washington County Public Works Department, Survey Division
11660 Myeron Road North
Stillwater, Minnesota 55082
Phone: 651-430-6882
FAX: 651-430-6888
Metadata Standard Name Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines
Metadata Standard Version 1.2
Metadata Standard Online Linkage

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