Workforce Development Board


Established pursuant to Public Law 105-220, Workforce Investment Act of 1998. Its purpose is to strengthen the United States workforce development system through innovation in, and alignment and improvement of, employment, training, and education programs in the United States, and to promote individual and national economic growth, and for other purposes.


The Workforce Development Board's responsibilities and duties include:

  • Determine the most effective designation of administrative entities, grant recipients, and program operators for the Workforce Service Area (WSA), with the exception of Job Service as the administrative entity and grant recipient for Wagner-Peyser, Veterans' Title 38 Programs, and Unemployment Insurance funds. 
  • Jointly plan for collaboration and provide for onsite review and oversight of program performance.
  • Select local priorities for service and target populations for supplemental programming within Workforce Development Board if such board exists within the WSA, state, and federal guidance parameters. 
  • Assure nonduplication of services and a unified delivery within their WSA.
  • Develop and submit to the Governor a comprehensive 4-year local plan which supports the regional and state plans.
  • Coordinate and align workforce programs to provide coordinated, complementary, and consistent services to job seekers and employers.
  • Lead efforts to develop and implement career pathways within the local area by aligning the employment, training, education, and supportive services that are needed by adults and youth, particularly individuals with barriers to employment.


The Workforce Development Board is composed of 19 members with representatives from business, organized labor, and public agencies. 

Washington County is affirming the Workforce Development Board member composition to meet minimum standards required by the law of 51 percent majority of members representing business in the local area and not less than 20 percent of members representing workforce. Additionally, Washington County affirms:

  • The number of voting seats for business to ten seats on the Workforce Development Board.
  • The number of voting seats for workforce representation to four seats on the Workforce Development Board, including two union and one apprenticeship representatives.
  • The number of voting seats for education representation to two seats on the Workforce Development Board, including one from Adult Basic Education and one from Higher Education.
  • The number of voting seats for government and economic development representation to three seats on the Workforce Development Board, including economic/community development, employment services and vocational rehabilitation.
  • The number of voting seats for other representation to zero seats.

All remaining open seats on the Workforce Development Board will be filled through the board appointment process. Washington County Board of Commissioners hereby authorizes the member composition to be 19 voting seats on the Workforce Development Board. Washington County Board of Commissioners hereby authorizes that the effective date of this resolution shall be December 4, 2018.

Procedure for appointment

Applicants must complete the required application for appointment to this committee. Submit any background information requested.

Member terms

Members are appointed by the County Board to three-year terms. Members may be reappointed to a maximum of two consecutive terms not to exceed six years.

Meeting requirements

The board meets 10 times per year. Additional meetings may be called upon the determination of the board.


Members of the Workforce Development Board are eligible to receive meeting per diem and mileage reimbursement at the rate established by the County Board.

Operating Procedures

This board operates in accordance with the operating procedures established by the county.

The Workforce Development Board supports the workforce of Washington County through partnerships with local organizations to help businesses find the right talent for their staffing needs.  Together, we provide a strong social and economic well-being for the county and support the county's continued growth. 

Join the action-oriented WDB to address workforce needs and sustain a positive outlook for everyone. 

The WDB focuses on three primary areas:

  • Business Engagement
    Focus on challenges to address business needs in recruitment and retention, develop shorter talent development pipelines to have a ready and skilled workforce, and improve outreach to navigate generational and diverse populations, who are a significant part of our future workforce.
  • Education Engagement
    Focus on supporting Career Pathways education, enable teachers and students to understand all the post-high school education opportunities, and share what industries are thriving and growing in Washington County with great career opportunities.
  • Community Engagement
    Focus on ensuring that residents are aware of resources to help them connect to services they need to support families and work toward rewarding careers that provide family sustainable wages.

For more information, send an email to Rick Roy, Director of the WDB.