U of M Extension Committee


The University of Minnesota Extension Committee is authorized by Minnesota Statute, Chapter 38.36, to discern the particular needs of the county and to implement a program fulfilling the goals of the people of the county and of the Minnesota Agricultural Extension Service. County Extension work includes educational programs and services provided by Extension agents in the areas of agriculture, economic and human development, community leadership, and environment and natural resources.

The Extension Committee works with the Washington County Board of Commissioners through the Department of Public Health and Environment to meet the intent of MN Stat. Chapter 38.36.


  • Two County Board Commissioners
  • The county auditor or the auditor's designee (The Department of Public Health and Environment) who, by law, is secretary of the committee

  • Six members appointed at large by the Board of County Commissioners with the intent that each Commissioner District is represented


Terms: Members are appointed to the Extension Committee by the Board of County Commissioners serve three-year terms.

Meeting requirements

Meetings are held four to six times annually at the call of the chair. Normal meeting dates are the first Monday of the month from 5 to 6:30 p.m. at the Washington County Government Center.


The Extension Committee has the following responsibilities:

1. In accordance with county budgetary process, recommend the budget for Extension work in the county; such recommended budget includes an overview of major changes (program additions or deletions from the prior year's approved plan of work) to be supported by county tax levy being requested for county Extension services.

2. Approve an annual program of County Extension work; such plan is developed by Extension staff in coordination with staff of the Department of Public Health and Environment and University of Minnesota Extension and is presented to the Extension Committee for its review and approval. The Extension Committee considers any County Board input and direction of use of county tax levy dollars in finalizing its program plan.

3. Review applicants and provide recommendations for hire of locally funded Extension Educators for employment from suitable and qualified candidates presented by the University of Minnesota Extension. Recommendations are made to the county Extension director who has the authority to make the final hiring decision.


Members of the Extension Committee receive meeting per diem and mileage reimbursement at the rate established by the County Board.

Operating procedures

This committee operates in accordance with the operating procedures established by the county.