Mental Health Local Advisory Council


The Mental Health Advisory Council (local advisory council) is established pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 245.466, subd. 5. 


The Mental Health Advisory Council is responsible: 

  • To review, evaluate, and make recommendations regarding the local mental health system.
  • To arrange annually for input from the regional treatment center review board regarding coordination of care between the regional treatment center and community-based services.
  • To arrange annually for input from local system of care providers regarding coordination of care between services.
  • To identify for the County Board the individuals, providers, agencies, and associations to receive information on predictors and symptoms of emotional disturbances, where mental health services are available in the county, and how to access the services.

Meeting Agenda Packet and Meeting Minutes

The Mental Health Advisory Council is appointed by the County Board. It consists of no less than 15 and no more than 25 members. Membership is from the following:

  • Five commissioner representatives (one from each commissioner district).
  • Consumer(s) of mental health services.
  • Family members(s) of a person living with a mental illness.
  • Child mental health professional.
  • Adult mental health professional.
  • Other mental health professional (outside community support services representative).
  • Family Support Services representative.
  • Children's Mental Health Collaborative representative.
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness representative.
  • Staff member of Washington County's Community Services Department.

The County Board designates one commissioner to serve as a contact to the advisory council.