Regional Rail Property and Permits

  1. Property
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Property purchases are limited to those parcels which will be necessary for a transit system's implementation. In many cases, this acquisition occurs many years before a system is constructed through purchases of abandoned or ready to be abandoned rail corridors.

By acquiring complete corridors, the Washington County Regional Rail Authority (WCRRA) can preserve existing transportation corridors instead of trying to create new corridors in the future. By preserving instead of creating, the WCRRA can use its funds in a very cost-effective manner. Property acquisitions, future transit implementation, and working with other governmental institutions allows the WCRRA to fulfill its mission of maintaining Washington County residents' high quality of life.

Hardwood Creek Regional Trail

The WCRRA currently owns the former Burlington Northern Railroad corridor from Hugo to the Chisago County line. Since this property is not currently used for transit purposes, the WCRRA allows for its interim use by the Washington County Parks Division.

The Parks Division's Hardwood Creek Regional Trail is constructed along the 9.5-mile corridor. Once implemented, future METRO Purple Line BRT may require the relocation of the trail from the center to either the west or east side of the corridor. The existing corridor is wide enough to accommodate both trail and transit needs.

Red Rock Corridor - Newport Station

The WCRRA purchased the former Knox Lumber site at the southwest corner of Interstate 494 and Trunk Highway 61 in the City of Newport. The site will be a future stop along the Red Rock Corridor Transitway. The station will be designed to serve express bus in the interim and Bus Rapid Transit in the long-term. The WCRRA is working with Washington County Community Development Agency (CDA) and the City of Newport to implement a development vision around the Station.