Community Corrections Advisory Board


Establishment of this advisory board is required by Minnesota Statutes, Section 401.08; subdivisions 1 6. This board has the following responsibilities:

1. Actively participates in the formulation of the comprehensive plan for the development, implementation, and operation of community-based correctional programs including, but not limited to, preventive or diversionary correctional programs; probation; and community corrections centers and facilities for the detention or confinement, care, and treatment of persons convicted of crimes or adjudicated delinquent.

2. Makes a formal recommendation to the County Board at least annually concerning the comprehensive plan and its implementation during the ensuing year.


The Community Corrections Advisory Board members are appointed by the County Board and consists of no more than 18 members. Membership on this advisory board is as follows:
  • five citizen members – one appointed from each County Commissioner District;
  • two representatives from law enforcement – one from the County Sheriff's Office and one from city law enforcement;
  • two representatives from Community Social Services, one of which represents mental health;
  • two attorneys – one prosecuting attorney and one public defender;
  • three judges from the Washington County Tenth Judicial District;
  • one administrator from a school district in Washington County;
  • one Community Corrections staff person;
  • one victim representative; and
  • one lay citizen representing ethnic minorities.

Procedure and appointment

Citizen applicants must complete the required county application for appointment to a committee/commission and submit any background information requested. Interested applicants from all other categories of membership are solicited by the Department of Community Corrections, which provides a recommendation to the Washington County Board of Commissioners. The County Board, at its discretion, may interview any applicant seeking appointment to the Community Corrections Advisory Board.

Task force and subcommittees

The Community Corrections Advisory Board may establish additional task forces or subcommittees to study a special issue or conduct special projects. The membership serves only for the time necessary to study and report on such issues or to complete the assigned project. Additional community representation may be sought for participation in the task force or subcommittee to provide expertise or resources needed for successful completion. These additional representatives are considered ad hoc and do not have voting privileges in the task force or subcommittees.


Members serve for a term of two years from the date of their appointment and are eligible for reappointment. Terms are staggered to provide continuity on the advisory board.

Even though a member may be appointed (or reappointed) to a term on the Community Corrections Advisory Board, the County Board, at its discretion, may replace the member at any time when, in the opinion of the County Board or County Commissioner appointing the member, it is in the best interest of the county to do so.

Meeting requirements

The Community Corrections Advisory Board meets six times a year in January, March, May, August, October, and December in the Washington County Government Center.


Citizen members and the school administrator member are eligible to receive meeting per diem and mileage reimbursement at the rate established by the County Board.

Operating procedures

This advisory board operates in accordance with operating procedures established by the county.