Ways to Transfer Tax Forfeited Property

Repurchase By a Prior Owner or Person Legally Allowed to Pay Taxes

  • Six month timeframe for non-homestead property
  • Until sold for homestead property
County Board approves by using 1 of 2 requirements:
  • Undue hardship or injustice resulting from the forfeiture will be corrected OR
  • Repurchase will promote the use of the lands that will best serve the public interest.
County Board denies by fact finding:
  • No undue hardship or injustice to the prior owner will be corrected by a repurchase
  • Permitting a repurchase will not promote the best use of the lands and will not serve the public interest

Acquisition by a Governmental Agency

  • Acquire at market value
  • Acquire at less than market value
  • For non-conservation lands
    • to correct blight
    • to develop affordable housing
  • For conservation lands
  • to create or preserve wetlands
  • to manage storm water
  • to preserve or restore land in its natural state
Acquire at no cost, if a developer fails to convey:
  • a property to a local government entity as previously agreed upon (developer outlot)
  • a property to a common interest community association, as previously agreed upon
Acquire through a Conditional Use Deed
  • acquire the property with the condition that it be used for the public good. Such uses are limited to:
    • public roads (or right-of-ways for future roads)
    • public parks that include amenities such as campgrounds, playgrounds, athletic fields, trails, and/or shelters
    • public trails for walking, bicycling, snowmobiling, etc., along with a reasonable amount of surrounding land maintained in its natural state
    • public transit facilities for buses, light rail transit, commuter rail, or passenger rail
    • public beaches or boat launches
    • public parking
    • public service facilities such as fire stations, police stations, lift stations, water towers, sanitation facilities, water treatment facilities, and administrative offices
    • civic recreation or conference facilities
Acquire through targeted community acquisition
  • acquire the property in order to sell or otherwise convey it to another party, for the purpose of contributing to the redevelopment or stabilization goals of the community in which the property is located


Terms and conditions of auctions are set by the County Board.

Adjacent Owner Sales (3 Requirements must be met):

  1. Parcel cannot be improved because it does not comply with local ordinances regarding minimum area, shape, frontage, or access.
  2. The sale will encourage the city or township to approve the sale and allow it to be returned to the tax rolls.
  3. Highest and best use of the land is achieved by adding it to an adjoining parcel