Plat Review Fees

Information Reviewed

  • Mathematical closure
  • Compliance with applicable Minnesota Statutes
  • Compliance with the Manual of Guidelines for Platting in Minnesota
  • Compliance with the Washington County Addendum

Subdivision Plat and Registered Land Survey

Product TypeFee
Base Rate$350
Add for each Lot, Outlot, or TractEach: $35
Minimum Fee$525
Fourth Review (and each subsequent review)$400

Common Interest


(CIC) Plat

Product TypeFee
Base Rate (Plat, Supplemental or Amended)$350
Add for each UnitEach: $35
Minimum Fee$525
Fourth Review (and each subsequent review)$400

Revision Fees

A revision fee will be charged, if plat lines are changed after the initial review has begun.

Product TypeFee
Revision Fee$150
Add for each revised/added Lot, Outlot, Tract or UnitEach $35

All prices are subject to change. Any plat which has been inactive in our office for more than 120 days may be subject to further review and additional fees upon resuming activity.