Recording Requirements

Original Documents

All documents presented for recording must be originals including signatures and the notary signature.

Notary / Acknowledgment

Documents affecting title to real property must be properly acknowledged, and have a legible current seal according to notary law. (All parties signing must be acknowledged.)

Type of Document

All documents should be identified as to the type of document.
  • Deed
  • Mortgage
  • Easement
  • Satisfaction
  • Affidavit


All documents should have a grantor and grantee.

Drafted By

Statute (507.091) requires the name and address of the party that drafted the document. Exceptions: Subdivision 1 does not apply to any instrument executed before January 1, 1970, nor to a decree, order, judgment or writ of any court, a will or death certificate, nor to any instrument executed or acknowledged outside the state.

Taxpayer Name and Address

This is required on all documents that sell or transfer real property.