Ordinances and Codes

County Ordinances

An ordinance is a governmental authority law enacted or amended after adoption at a required public hearing presided over by the County Board. An ordinance is the most binding and permanent act of the board and may be repealed or changed only by a subsequent ordinance or amendment to it.

Public Hearing

Notice of a Public Hearing is published in the official county newspaper at least ten (10) days before the Public Hearing.

Copy of Ordinances

If a copy of an ordinance is not available on this page or a copy of an original is needed, call the Office of Administration at 651-430-6001 to find where it may be viewed or where a copy may be obtained.

Ordinance Topics Index

The following is a list of active ordinance topics.

"201" Sewer Use Ordinance

Acquisition of Development Rights

Administrative and Licensing Procedures for County

Alcohol Licensing Enforcement

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) in the Public Right of Way of Roads under the County's Jurisdiction, Management of

Big Marine Lake Regional Park, Adoption of Official Map

Brown's Creek Water Management Tax District

Buffer Protection

Building Code, Minnesota State; Administration, Enforcement, and Fees

Comprehensive Plan, Washington County - 2030

Condominium Floors Plans - approval by the County Surveyor before recording

Development Code, Original Adoption of

Floodplain Management Regulations

Food Code

Golf Driving Ranges

Hazardous Waste Management, Establishing Standards for

Intoxicating Liquor on Sundays, Sale of

Juvenile Curfew, County-Wide

Licensing and Administrative Procedures

Lodging Establishment

Lower St. Croix River Bluffland and Shoreland Management

Map Ordinance, Official

Manufactured Home Park, Recreational Camping Area, and Youth Camp

Mining Regulations

Nuisance, Public Health

Park - Rules and Regulations

Park Commission, Establishment of

Pool, Establishes Standards for Design, Construction, Operation, and Maintenance of Public

Railroad Performance Standards

  • Ordinance 142 (PDF) - Amendment to Ordinance 127 - Repealing Part of Chapter 2, Part 3, Section 3.2(2) (A) (1) (a) Railroad performance standards

Regulating Administration and Enforcement of Licenses and Permits of Pertinent Ordinances

Right of Way, Management of County Highways

Sewage Treatment System Regulations, Subsurface

Shoreland Management

Solid Waste Management

Subdivision Regulations

Surveys of Land Filed with the County Surveyor

Sylvan Lake Surface Use Regulations


Water Well Sealing