The department regularly publishes electronic newsletters. Current and past issues of each of the e-newsletters are available. If you would like to be notified when a new issue is published, go to Notify Me and subscribe.

Environmental e-Update

This newsletter provides information about local environmental news, services and events happening at the Environmental Center and in your community.
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HazWaste E-Clips

This periodic newsletter provides information for our Licensed Hazard Waste Generators about current regulations, common violations, training opportunities and environmental successes. The topics are driven by what Generators inquire about during inspections or through the E-Clip’s “What do you Think” section.
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Living Healthy Washington County E-News 

A monthly digest from Washington County Public Health & Environment showcasing local stories, news, resources, and events related to building a healthier Washington County. The newsletter also highlights strategies and opportunities through the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership.
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Septic Matters e-Newsletter

This periodic newsletter provides information and updates to septic contractor and homeowners on the Washington County Septic Program, septic systems regulation, permitting process, maintenance, training opportunities and much more. Through this newsletter our goal is to empower our community to learn more about septic systems to ultimately continue to protect ground and surface waters and prevent the incidence of disease.
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