Licensing and Inspection

The Department of Public Health and Environment licenses and inspects hotels, motels, lodging houses, board and lodging facilities, and bed and breakfasts located in the county. The regulations for lodging establishments are outlined in the Washington County Lodging Establishment Ordinance.

Apply for a License

  • Print and complete the license application.
  • Submit the application and applicable license fee to the department.
  • If opening a new lodging establishment, additional information is required. Submit a complete set of plans 30 days before construction begins. A completed Lodging Plan Review Application and the required license fee must be submitted.
  • If purchasing an existing lodging establishment, a compliance inspection must be conducted prior to the closing date of the sale. Lodging establishment licenses are not transferable to person or place. A new license must be obtained before operation of the establishment begins.

Fact Sheets

Report a Concern

To report a concern or complaint about a lodging establishment, go to Report a Concern and submit the information. Your report will go directly to the department for follow-up.