Property Search (RecordEASE)

RecordEASE Website Information

RecordEASE is the county’s commercial product for accessing land records maintained by the Property Records Division of Washington County Property Records and Taxpayer Services. For a low monthly subscription, users will have access to RecordEASE without having to visit our physical location. Torrens users will have the added benefit of accessing Certificates of Title with hyperlinked memorials, and viewing the recorded document directly from the certificate with the click of a mouse.

Key Search and View Features of RecordEASE

  • Abstract and Torrens records (computerized index is searchable from 1984 to present)
  • Interactive Torrens Certificates of Title
  • Multiple search options including grantor/grantee, legal description, metes and bounds, document type, date range, address
  • Tax Liens (if recorded)
  • Plats
  • Tract cards and historical tract pages
  • Historical documents prior to 1984 that have been converted to electronic images
  • Images in TIFF format
  • Integrated live escrow account balance
  • Detailed view of charges for the past 60 days

To subscribe to RecordEASE, a signed agreement must be returned to the Property Records Division before an individual or entity can obtain access. Along with the completed agreement, subscribers must return an Escrow Account Setup form if you do not have an existing escrow account.

Upon receiving the required forms, we will process your request and contact you with your user IDs and passwords. We look forward to working with you as Washington County Property Records implements our new and improved property records system. The information on the website is a reproduction of the Washington County RecordEASE system.

Using RecordEASE

The RecordEASE website has been designed for use as a search tool for information on individual property parcels. Multiple parcel data downloads, screen scraping programs or other computer extraction techniques are strictly prohibited. Washington County reserves the right to deny site access to any individual or entity determined to be misusing the site.